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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, What is the difference between KRTA and TRS of KY?

  2. Question 2, I am thinking of retiring, what should I do?.

  3. Question 3, Why should I join KRTA?

  4. Question 4, Who do I contact regarding my Health, Dental and/or Vision?

  5. Question 5, Where is my KRTA District?

  6. Question 6, Who do I notify in case of a life changing event, e.g. marriage, death, divorce or adoption?

  7. Question 7, I would like to submit something to print in the KRTA NEWS or on the Facebook page, Who do I contact?

  8. Question 8, Who is my Legislator? Click Here:


Answer 1:

Click here for definitions and purpose of KRTA and TRS of KY

Answer 2:

Contact TRS of KY and let them know at 1.800.618-1687

Answer 3:

Joining KRTA today is the best way a retired teacher can help insure the benefits provided to retired teachers in Kentucky are protected.  Join KRTA today to begin receiving the outstanding benefits of membership including representation of your interest in Frankfort.

Answer 4:

Health: Age 65 and over click here

Health: Under 65 click here

Vision or call 1.800.828.9341 (Avesis is purchased separately from your over 65 benefit with United Healthcare)

Dental call 1.800.971.4108

Answer 5:

Click here to view the map of the State divided into Districts

Answer 6:

Call TRS of KY at 1.800.618.1687

Answer 7:

Please contact us at with your request. Click here for E-mail or telephone: 1-800-551-7979